What is TCCN?

Minnesota’s premier cohousing information source!

Twin Cities Cohousing Network (TCCN) is a charitable not-for-profit educational organization that helps educate Minnesotan’s about the features of cohousing communities and why they are spreading around the world.

Twin Cities Cohousing Network’s unpaid volunteers give their time generously to maintain the organization because they believe that the development of cohousing communities can help us live better together, for example: by reducing social isolation through shared meals and activities, increasing resilience through cooperation, and lowering our carbon footprints by sharing resources.

The mission of Twin Cities Cohousing Network is to conduct education, outreach and engagement with individuals and families and Minnesota housing-related organizations, professionals, and government agencies in order to advance the development of high-quality, sustainable cohousing communities in  Minnesota.

Our newest event:

  • Picnic July 20 in St. Paul or Duluth
    Families, friends, and children are welcome! Come early to play at the park, then socialize in-person with others interested in learning about the characteristics of living in a cohousing community and what it takes to create one.
An image of a cohousing community at night with a lighted path linking small groups of row houses. People are outside in the far distance, and children's toys are in the foreground on the side of the paths.
A cohousing community at night.

Cohousing communities nourish and model healthy and sustainable families, neighborhoods, and individuals.

Twin Cities Cohousing Network

Living better together

To learn more about what is happening locally in cohousing, please continue to check our website and sign up to receive our monthly TCCN News, which will bring you all the latest news and events. We hope to see you at our next event.