Baby Boomers and GenXers drawn to new planned neighborhoods

Rather than passively concede to limited and isolating housing options designed by large dispassionate organizations, increasing numbers of Baby Boomers and GenXers are banding together to take matters into their own hands. Sept. 15, 2016 event

“On a cold winter day, I get home when it’s dark and it’s cold…and the lights are on in the common house, I can run in there, put my five dollars down, and have a wonderful meal with my neighbors.”–cohousing resident

Charles (Chuck) Durrett, of McCamant & Durrett Architects, will be in Minneapolis on Thursday, September 15, 2016 to highlight the increased interest in cohousing, explain what cohousing is and isn’t, and outline how to get started forming a community. Representatives of several Twin Cities groups that are in the very beginning stages of formation will be at the event, as will someone from Monterey Cohousing Community in St Louis Park.

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Pedestrian pathways create a comfortable environment in many cohousing communities.