Twin Cities Cohousing Network offers quarterly topical programs on:

Group of cohousing people in gathered in their  yard
    • cohousing community development
    • democratic self-governance
    • living in cohousing
    • energy-efficient multi-family housing construction
    • urban eco-villages
    • and other related topics.

Links to upcoming and past events

Due to COVID, in-person events have been canceled until further notice to protect the safety of all.

Also, connect with us on Facebook.

Examples of Twin Cities Cohousing Network activities:

    • Ongoing opportunities to engage with others interested in cohousing
    • Cohousing book groups
    • Ways to connect with the various local cohousing groups-in-formation
    • Potluck information events and community dinners
    • Sociocracy training (group decision-making process)
    • “Getting it Built” workshops