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Two photos of people who were attending TCCN events
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Twin Cities Cohousing Network offers quarterly topical events on topics such as:

  • cohousing community development
  • democratic self-governance
  • living in cohousing
  • energy-efficient multi-family housing construction
  • urban eco-villages
  • and other related topics.


Volunteers and supporters of TCCN engage in a variety of activities that increase understanding of cohousing and its lifestyle.

  • Engage with others interested in cohousing.
  • Read and discuss cohousing books.
  • Connect with the various local cohousing groups-in-formation and attend their events.
  • Attend cohousing information events.
  • Bring a dish to share at a community dinner.
  • Learn about using Sociocracy, a governance and group decision-making process
  • Become a TCCN-CohoUS partner to save on national conference and workshop registrations.
Covid 19 information from the CDC has  become difficult to interpret.  TCCN has adopted this policy:
1. Do not attend in person if you have symptoms of illness: fever, sore throat, or cough.
2. Do not attend for 10 days after Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test occurs, regardless of masking.
3. We welcome masks for those who wish to continue to mask because of their own risk level.
4. We do not inquire about  or require vaccination.
5. Attend any zoom event, without restriction. Approved 8/11/2022.