2022 Annual Report


TCCN is a 501(c)3 educational organization with a mission…to conduct education, outreach and engagement with individuals and families and Minnesota housing-related organizations, professionals, and government agencies in order to advance the development of high-quality, sustainable cohousing communities in Minnesota.

The image shows an outline of the state of Minnesota divided into 4 quadrants with images of cohousing locations or activities in each section.

The Year 2022 in Review

In 2022, the all-volunteer nonprofit Twin Cities Cohousing Network (TCCN) adopted a theme of “Catalyzing Cohousing in Minnesota.”

The year 2022 was an active one for TCCN, as the U.S. was coming out of the pandemic. TCCN  began new programs to highlight the benefits of cohousing and to bring this information to more Minnesotans.

One of the most successful programs is the Meet the Professionals lecture series, in which we bring national cohousing speakers to the Minnesota audience via Zoom. This dovetails with the initiation of TCCN’s YouTube channel, where video recordings of these presentations can be found.

As an indication of the impact of TCCN’s work over the years, several new cohousing core groups have formed, including in the Twin Cities, New Ulm and Duluth. This is happening even in the face of a significant increase in the cost of construction, and the lack of sufficient housing supply at all price points.

Finally, in 2022, TCCN a major collaborative initiative with the national nonprofit, Cohousing Association of the United States (Cohousing US.) TCCN become an Organizational Partner to open up many additional educational and networking opportunities for TCCN donors, including free and discounted webinars and access to CohousingUS’s new online Cohousing Institute.

2022 in Detail



Trish Becker, CEO of The Cohousing Association of the United States (CohoUS), joined TCCN’s board for a Zoom discussion about ways to collaborate.

Beginning of TCCN’s Partnership Program membership with CohoUS.


“Affordable cohousing – takeaways from the fall CohoUS conference” via Zoom. Panel of cohousing representatives.


The Appeal of Cohousing – a story circle series  of three events exploring the appeal of cohousing via Zoom.  Lynn Englund facilitated.



The Appeal of Cohousing  Story circle event series, continuing.


Meet The Professionals – Architect Grace Kim of Schemata Workshop (from Seattle) presentation and Q&A via Zoom. Registrants: 125.


TCCN volunteer Paul Wehrwein was featured in an article in the Star Tribune on cohousing as an antidote to loneliness.  



Picnic at Como Park; Registrants: 24.


St Anthony Bugle article on cohousing and Twin Cities Cohousing Network picnic.

National Cohousing Conference, Madison, WI. Attended byTCCN board member Becca Bracket, long-time cohousing advocate Fred Olson, and TCCN volunteer Paul Wehrwein. Six other Minnesotans were known to attend. Twin Cities Cohousing Network publicized this through our website and newsletters (TCCN News), and Partnership donors received a significant discount on their registration.



Meet The Professionals – “My Journey in CoCreating Cohousing: Everyone Living Next to Someone Who Cares About Them.”
Ann Zabaldo from Takoma Village spoke via Zoom. Registrants: 71.

Monterey Cohousing Community Work Day.  TCCN volunteers got to experience the cooperative effort of cohousers doing fall yard work for the Monterey Cohousing Community and dining together at a meal cooked on site by a kitchen crew.

2022 Financials

Revenues for 2022 totaled $3,335. All but $1.66 received came from charitable contributions made by generous individual donors. A total of nine donors contributed $60 or more to become TCCN-CohoUS partners who gained access to community partnership programs and discounts through CohoUS.

Expenses totaled $3,163 and consisted of program expenses (10%), professional subscriptions and web hosting (9%), CohoUS community partnership payments for 2022 and 2023 (47%), insurance (28%), program marketing fees (4%), and other (1%). 

Twin Cities Cohousing Network had no liabilities. The net gain in retained revenues was $172.

2022 Volunteer Hours

In 2022, TCCN volunteers recorded 578 hours .

2022 Board of Directors

TCCN has an all-volunteer board of directors. There is no paid staff. Each director donates their time not only to govern the organization, but also to bring TCCN’s programs to the public.

  • Kathy Ahlers – President
  • Lee Pedersen – Vice President
  • Becca Brackett – Secretary
  • Lynn Englund – Treasurer
  • Brian PaStarr (ex-officio)

Organizational Contact Information

Twin Cities Cohousing Network 
2650 University Ave W, Unit 315
St. Paul, MN 55114

Phone: 612-470-4629
Website:  https://www.tccoho.org/