Do you want to live in a strong community with people who know and care about you?

Then please consider volunteering with us to helping educate people about the creating cohousing and the benefits and challenges of creating cohousing communities.

Twin Cities Cohousing Network is a charitable nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers! We have no paid staff. If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, you may leave us a voicemail 612-470-4629 or send an email to info@tccoho.org.

We are especially interested in individuals who have the following skills:

• Building relationships between TCCN and housing professionals
• Planning events (Zoom for now) about cohousing
• Reporting, interviewing, videography and video production
• Communications expertise (e-newsletter, social media, web)
• Graphic design (print materials, web, social media)
• Interest in learning and practicing Sociocracy as a governance model

Contact us at info@tccoho.org if you would like to explore your interests and their fit with our organization, or share your contact information in the form below and one of our volunteers will reach out to you.

Volunteer Contact Form