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Welcome to the Twin Cities’ premier cohousing information source

The mission of Twin Cities Cohousing Network is to facilitate the flow of information and sharing of knowledge—for people who are exploring the possibility of living in cohousing, among groups just forming, as well as with established cohousing communities.

As a part of its mission, TCCN’s activities may include (but are not limited to):

  • sponsoring and co-sponsoring events
  • helping people find cohousing communities and groups-in-formation that are open to new members
  • gathering and disseminating information about cohousing and related concerns (e.g., energy-efficient construction designs)
  • providing information about resources to assist cohousing communities to continue, once they have formed
  • exploring ways and means for developing affordable cohousing alternatives for low and moderate income families and individuals
  • educating about the concept of cohousing in the greater community, and with the media (social and earned), developers, builders, architects, government officials, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and other stakeholders

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Twin Cities Cohousing Network is a nonprofit organization located in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metropolitan area  (Minnesota, USA).