Minnesota Cohousing Groups

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Existing Cohousing Community

Monterey Cohousing Community, St. Louis Park, MN. Celebrating more than 25 years as a cohousing community. Units occasionally come available to purchase or to rent. To learn more about Monterey Cohousing, check their website for regularly scheduled information sessions and dinners, and available units.

photo showing Monterey Cohousing Community with fall grasses and colorful trees in the foreground.
Photo credit: Rick Gravrok

Metro area groups-in-formation

Cedar CoHousing LLC
A group focused on creating an affordable intergenerational urban cohousing community, in Minneapolis or St. Paul. See their website for upcoming event dates and membership opportunities.

Twin Cities Metro Senior (50+) Cohousing
Our group values participation, equivalence and mutual support.  We aim to create a living space that we can control collectively and that we can call home as we age.  We want to live where there’s some green space and room for a garden. We also want our community to be a place that people of average means can afford to live in.  To do that in the current economic climate, we know we’ll need to be creative and place more value on the “luxury” of a resilient, active community than on appliance and floor plan options.  We use Sociocracy for making decisions because it helps us get our work done and gives everyone a voice.  We expect to add new members soon.  If you would like to be notified when that happens, please contact us at tc-masc@proton.me

South Minneapolis Cohousing
South Minneapolis Cohousing is a forming group with the aim of building a ~9 unit urban multi-generational Cohousing community in South Minneapolis. For more information, contact southminneapoliscohousing@gmail.com

SUITE Cohousing
Sustainable, Urban, Intergenerational, Transit-oriented, Equitable Cohousing. This group consists of condominium owners and friends at Metro Lofts Condominiums in St. Paul who envision a group forming within an existing condominium building that acts as a cohousing group. This group has paused for a while due to the difficulty of meeting during the pandemic, but may resume in 2022, perhaps using Zoom.

An image of the exterior of Metro Lofts Condomiums in St. Paul, MN.
Metro Lofts Condominiums

Twin Cities Ecovillage
Not specifically a cohousing group, but an allied group focused on intentional community.

Greater Minnesota groups

Active Adult Cohousing for the Northland
Senior Cohousing group forming in the Duluth, MN area.

CohoUS directory listings for cohousing communities in Minnesota.

Minneapolis skyline. Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash